Jade - Marie Claire Anderson 




JMC Anderson aims to reveal and expose the nature of language that is within society, in an era paraded with visual advertisements. This opens up dialogue for the audience to attain a familiar yet unique experience. Researching theories on semiotics and linguistics her belief is that language lives within everything.  Anderson strives to question what language is made up of through the use of characteristics, structure, design, domestic environments and objects. Through both passive and visual communication she considers the sensual capacity and selective reading.  



Similarly JMC Anderson's philosophy as a curator is to make the audience aware of the roles that are taken upon within the process of making, the exhibition and the role the audience themselves play. By looking at how language conjures between these roles in order to exchange, negotiate and make. Language is used in order to translate ideas and concepts. It is an apparatus. Construction and meaning is questioned through the relationship between mind and language combined.