Hypothetical Exhibition

For the Lisson Gallery London

From the forever expanding exhibition archive on language within the Lisson gallery framework. Here LINGO presents an exhibition that expresses language as text and its standpoint in both society and the art world today. LINGO is both a foreign and local dialect where vocabulary is in a particular association with a group or subject. LINGO within the Lisson gallery takes on both foreign and local abstractions of language as text. LINGO inquisitions mainly the younger generation based upon the location of the Lisson Gallery.

The very building itself is used in a way that allows the audience to also act in this world created within where the ideology of the passer-by is enacted from the outside with the wide glass windows transforming the Lisson Gallery into a space that can appreciate just the content of the work instead of the context. The very functioning of this means that LINGO is curated to also interrelate with the architectural elements of the building where the very timing of the exhibition paci cally needed to be within Autumn/ Winter, where the audience get to view the work lit up changing the very perspective and the means of the works functional and material discourse. The Lisson becomes a spotlight putting the artwork to work both within the day and the night.

The process of enquiry between language and text looks at three di erent areas. The exhibition looks at text based works that are visually engaging in a commercial sense where you can see the development of technology influencing, imposing and separating the idea of language and the visual text. You start to encounter an self awareness within the spaces that both question similarities and obscurities. Secondly the making and sculpturally based work runs throughout when thinking about the format that the text based language upholds itself within, where typeface both dematerialised and materialised again looks to the community we live in. And finally the exchange and systematic text based language recaptures work that negotiates and demonstrates an articulation of language and its usages both within the world and within the discussion of the art work itself. New meanings and responsive information gathers. Within the spaces these movements create there own environments exploring the in between notion of language and text, introducing the norms of the outside world we are surrounded by being the local dialect. However this is interpreted to make you also question the ideologies surrounding it being the foreign/unfamiliar dialect that manifests in the title ‘LINGO’.

Within the exhibition, LINGO demonstrates and explores the movement of text based language within the community and the art world and how it poses to continuously develop and look back at what once was and renewing it to keep up with the new engaging ways of communication within the world being technology. This only says that we are now more engaged in text based language when the visuals are enticing. With a variety of materiality ranging from neon lights to the everyday object the viewer, reader and participant can feel alienated in what confronts and surrounds the today.